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America Is Not the Same Anymore

WHAT happened to a nation once respected as a Leader and Super Power – to now have become the laughing stock of the World? What happened to a proud nation of America people renowned for creating and inventing technologies that inspired the whole World? While we’ve been fervently working and enrolled in college to reach the American dream; behind our backs our industries have been traded as grazing cattle.

Have you noticed America’s Technology Jobs Have Disappeared at an Alarming Rate?

WE have – in fact we’ve learned a great deal of them are in India. In our view our political leaders, billionaires and CEO’s have been engaged in collusion. We have diligently researched this issue and what we found to be true is both shocking and disturbing. American jobs are still being outsourced at an alarming rate; at the same time immigration has flooded this nation. Although, be that it may we now see a decrease in the U.S. labor rate, along with a burden on the Nation’s healthcare system. Benefits – once available to assist the people of this Country have been taking care of others; all the while American’s have no protection to cover a loss. America’s workers are still being decimated!

IN fact it’s been behind our backs our jobs have vanished; all the while India’s citizens are now living the American dream. View the full story.

WE do not fault the citizens of India for their success; rather our concern is for the quality of life for the Citizens of the U.S. Although it may be true America was coined as one of the first developed nations, it’s sad to see its Citizens struggling at low to minim wage paying jobs with little hope to advance.

What Happened to America’s Middle Class?

OUR Middle Class is being systematically decimated by greedy corporations – doing away with American IT Professionals, and bringing in more and more Immigrant workers from other countries; by way of the H-1B Visa program. The vast majority of these Immigrant workers are from India and they will work for lower wages than the American IT professionals. The corporations apply for the Visas and then advertise the jobs stating they will provide the visas. In many cases, when they (H-1B) immigrants arrive at the job site the American worker is told he or she must train their replacement. American workers are told if they don’t train their replacement he or she will not receive their severance package. These corporations are getting rid of the very employees that helped build and grow their firms, as well as contributed to their success. I personally witnessed this at American firms, and I’ve seen scores of Indian technology workers entering buildings not to mention floors of them working in IT jobs in a number of businesses. What is so startling for the American IT Professional seeking employment – is the grueling process one goes through when applying for sundry corporate jobs, only to be told  “You don’t have enough experience.” When in fact their aim is to not hire Americans in the first place.

WHAT is apparent is that everyone but the applicant knows the jobs are already approved for the Indian immigrant worker who more than likely is already on their way to the U.S.

YES the American middle class used to be the fuel that once drove this nation’s economy; conversely this group is still being decimated.


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