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For centuries humans have been storing, retrieving, manipulating and communicating information. Today these processes are referred to as Information Technology (IT) which businesses and consumers use to exchange information. I recall my sociology professor who taught a course on the ethics of IT. Part of the lesson focused on the concepts that IT was created to help people rather than serve the self-interest of the greedy evil doers.

Someone Set In Place A Plan To Eliminate U.S. IT Workers – We Know Who They Are

We have learned America’s corporations coupled with many technical staffing agencies have been claiming they “cannot find American IT talent,” which we know to be untrue. In our view these firms have no intention on paying reasonable wages for the American talent. Instead, they use excuses to mass their real objective; specifically – their goal has been to bring in H-1B immigrants to outsource America’s IT. What is true is the fact that these firms have been engaged in unscrupulous employment practices, and as a result they have deceived and harmed American workers. What we believe is American firms have engaged in a number of dishonest practices in attempt to cover-up their real objective. Their practices have proven to be true in the destruction of the American middle-class – likewise a significant number of America’s high-wage paying jobs have vanished. All in all, it is no doubt that their efforts have paved the way for H-1B visa immigration.

H-1B proponents have cited “outsourcing is good for competition.” How can this be true when corporations have closed their doors to American workers, thereby not allowing them the opportunity to gain specific skills? What is true is when Americans are kept out of technology – this further leads to diminished IT skills. On the other hand American firms have opened their doors to immigrant workers; furthermore, they have trained them. This is in contrast as these firms expect the American IT workers to “hit the ground running.”

Case in point – These firms have been firing American Citizens and ruining their careers. Their deceptive business practices have led to a host of ills for the American IT workers in particular: 1. Employees have been blacklisted on the job market. 2. Firms have made false claims that workers lack the job skills. 3. Firms have misrepresented facts by alleging they cannot find American IT talent, when in fact they would not hire them anyway. 4. Firms have been inflexible towards working with American IT staff. 5. Firms have denied American IT workers the opportunity of employment, which impedes career advancement. 6. Firms have engaged in “zero tolerance” toward American IT staff. 7. Firms have devised temporary contracting, which creates unstable work experiences for IT workers. 8. Firms have deceived American IT workers by outsourcing their jobs behind their backs. 9. Firms have locked their doors to American IT workers with excuses of downsizing. 10. Firms have created unrealistic job descriptions as a method to avoid hiring the American IT worker. 11. Firms have colluded with and hired unscrupulous temporary agencies to do their dirty work. 12. Firms have ruined workers names and reputations making it nearly impossible to receive a reference from them. 13. Firms have blamed America’s arduous economic times as an excuse to get rid of the American IT workers. 14. Firms have provided training for H-1B immigrant workers, allowing them to record screenshots and voice recording sessions. In contrast they expect the American IT worker to hit the ground running with no ramp up time.

These harmful business practices have been a game of sabotage for American IT workers; granted – these firms have withdrawn loyalty from them. In truth it’s these workers who have made them who they are.

While we’ve been engaged in technical colleges and universities coupled with enrollment in computer certification programs we had no idea our jobs were being traded behind our backs. Fact is American college students were sold a bill of goods with no way out. We were told if we wanted a well-paying IT job then you had to go to school and get a degree, all the while the tuition has been constantly on the rise. For those who had to take out student loans as I have this too has been devastating. We were promised you’d make enough money to pay the loan debt back, all the while behind our backs our jobs were being given to H-1B immigrant workers.

Although the news media reports there are thousands of jobs being created; fact is these are low wage paying jobs. Consequently this has also led to our Country’s economic collapse. To justify their position the rich CEOs, business owners, executives, politicians, recruiting firms and consulting firms, all alike have set the stage for H-1B immigration; citing they can’t find American IT talent.  All the while they are not going to hire the American workers anyway. Their real objective is to continue bringing in the immigrant workers that will work for a lot less. The caveat is – for quite some time America has been a developed Nation with a thriving economy until its collapse, unlike other undeveloped countries.

This blog is written to expose the negative implications – put in place by the proponents of the H-1B visa program. We believe this Nation’s CEOs, billionaires, millionaires, and politicians have been in engaged in collusion, in fact they’ve been making trade deals behind our backs. Although any business owner has the right to find ways to save their firm money; our complaint is against the way these individuals have gone about decimating American lives. It’s been their unscrupulous behavior – specifically they have replaced American IT workers jobs with H-1B immigrant workers. We’ve performed a host of research on this issue, moreover, we celebrate the people of India’s success. We’ve further learned for years India has been busy preparing for technical opportunities. While America’s consumers have been busy engaged in education and technical programs to keep pace with the technical market; it’s been behind our backs our jobs has been vanishing without our knowledge. What so sad in all this is that Americas corporations knew what they’ve been doing by way of deceit and undermining its people. Our thoughts go out to the Citizens of America during such arduous economic times, specifically those families and children for generations to come as well as this Nation’s STEM students.




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