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Are you an American Information Technology (IT) worker who’s been displaced by an immigrant IT worker? Have you given all you had to help an American firm to prosper and as a result you’ve been forced out of your job? If your answers are yes – join the club I have too.

My career with technology began in 1990 as I was given a technical manual and told to learn both; IBM and NCR word processing administrative systems. At that time the End User computing experience was moving away from decentralized processing, i.e., the word processor, database, and Email systems were all separate.

On April 4, 1975 Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft adding to America’s list of fame – as these pioneers were credited as the 20th Century’s  leaders to have opened the door to the World’s Information Age. In the early ninety’s America’s new technology was in it’s infancy and job hopefuls could find work at almost any organization. Those times were similar to the California gold rush times, as savvy technical workers were highly celebrated for performing “magic” for solving a firm’s most abstruse technical problem(s).

It was between 1997 through the year 2000 when this nation experienced the Dot-com bubble burst, consequently I first noticed a “squeeze” in the technical market, as it became increasingly difficult to secure full-time permanent employment. When the collapse of the bubble burst occurred companies such as pets.com, failed completely, while other firms lost a large portion of their market capitalization. Shortly thereafter American IT jobs began to shrink setting the stage for off-shore and outsourcing opportunities. Who would have thought back then the H-1B visa program as we know it today, was already in place and now has a strong foothold in our Nation’s States.

With this drastic shift – American IT workers who were once celebrated; began to also feel the “squeeze” when applying for work opportunities. In those days the word was “if you have a job stay on it,” as organizations began closing their doors and eliminating their staff.

Today’s IT world has drastically changed. No longer are American IT worker’s valued for helping big companies to become richer, instead some are offered scraps from the masters table, hence these workers are penalized for gaining high-level skills. As a case in point – if hired, this Country’s seasoned IT workers must work for much less and as a result – in most cases this creates an undue burden in one’s ability to meet their living expenses, not to include repayment of ones student loans.. America’s best partner in the IT realm today has become the H-1B immigrant worker, who works for much less. As a matter of fact each year the U.S. State Department doles out as many as 85,000 visas, not including petitions with increased requests for more visas. It is these actions which allow Indian workers to take American IT jobs which has drastically reduced our labor rate as well as job elimination.

Recently I viewed a video of a reporter at a mall interviewing local Americans. The reporter was asking political questions mixed with trivia concerning global countries and their affairs. For a moment I thought I was watching Jeopardy, until I realized those being interviewed were struggling with their answers. Would this be the reason why American’s are viewed as less intelligent and lazy? Should we be penalized because our generations have paved our way?

What is true is that Americans are not given a chance on these jobs and are told to “hit the ground running” with no ramp up time. In contrast to the Indian workers who doesn’t know the work, as in the case of Southern California Edison (SCE) whereas the firm’s workers had to train their 400+ replacements before they were given their severance pay and finally escorted out of the building. As a result, the company reported a big profit. American workers histories and information are made easily available to employers but Indian workers information is hard to get. It’s also reported they fake their degrees and work experience as well as forge their documents, yet they come here are trained – Americans are not.

While the educational system prospered and advanced what has become of the student with a worthless degree coupled with a huge pile of student loan debt? Most of us know America has fallen victim to many unscrupulous business practices and scandals, notwithstanding the World of IT has become the evil doer’s big target.


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